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Through our ever extensive expansion across the globe in multiple sectors of financial growth and capitalism, our latest hands on project has been a major success. While expanding throughout the world we saw many forms of life in all ends of the spectrum and as much as we don’t wish for the worst upon anybody, we’ve unfortunately seen it all. 


During our time here at Gold Mount Group LTD we’ve always had a passion for giving back. Especially to the ones who are less fortunate than us all, who have not had the opportunities that we have had in life. Hence, why we started our company back in August 2017 as an educational platform, to help others succeed in the financial sector up to the same level of success we have had. Providing the opportunity to others to do exactly the same. 


Gold Mount Foundation is our latest and most valuable project to date. Providing the opportunity for others to also get involved financially and physically with our partnered charities. We have many individuals from all walks of life dedicating their time and income to help the ones who are really in need across the world through our foundation. Through collective teamwork, we are able to help those suffering with being homeless, have a shortage of food & even water which we can just simply receive from a tap. Every little donation would be helpful & if you can not donate money, we humbly request you to donate some time towards helping those in need.

If you would like to donate some of your time towards this project, please contact us.

Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 6BD

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